Panels and Docks

Like everything else in Fvwm these need to be configured. Fvwm provides lots of choice of how to configure the panels you want to use.

First Fvwm provides many Modules that can be used to build panels:

In addition to just Fvwm Modules, there is additional third party software that can be used in panels, such as:

There are also third party panels/docks that maybe already configured and used with Fvwm. Some examples are

Example Panels

Here is the list of example panels:

FvwmWiki Panels

This is a description of the RightPanel found in the default configuration.

This is a simple horizontal Buttons that holds 6 icons to show the basics of FvwmButtons.

This seems to be a common Panel asked about and with the removal of FvwmTaskBar here is a replacement.

Here is an example of a SensorDock I use that that shows a Pager, uses xosview to show cpu, mem, disk, etc., uses FvwmScript to show the date/time and temperature outputs from lm-sensors and a systemtray.