Fvwm Community


Fvwm is a community driven project in which hundreds of contributors have added to Fvwm though out the years by adding features, modules, bug fixes, documentation, configuration examples, and so on. If you would like to ask the community for support, report bugs, commit patches, or just stop by to say hello, contact us using the following.

In addition to the human servants, cats (Cat face icon.) have also been a big part of the Fvwm community. Check out all of the Fvwm cats that have contributed to Fvwm. Without our Furry Feline Friends, Fvwm would not have been the same.

Fvwm on GitHub

The source for the Fvwm project can be found on GitHub. The sources are split into the development version 3.x, the stable version 2.6.9, and the archived versions 1.24r and 0.91.

Users wanted to help test out and report bugs for the development version, Fvwm 3.x. Report issues (bugs, features, patches) relating to Fvwm 3.x using GitHub issues.

The stable version, Fvwm 2.x, is frozen and is only patched to fix serious bugs. The archived versions source is available for historical purposes and is not supported in any way.

Fvwm Forums

The Fvwm forums are a collection of questions, answers and discussions from the users of Fvwm. Use the forums to search for answers to previous questions or ask new ones. Share your configurations and screenshots.

#fvwm on IRC

You can find various members of the Fvwm community in the IRC channel #fvwm on irc.libera.chat. Stop by to ask questions or just to say hello.

Fvwm Mailing Lists

The Fvwm mailing lists are still active but rarely used. The mailing list are used primarily for Fvwm 2 support and Fvwm 3 issues should be reported using GitHub.

Please help us managing incoming mail by following a few rules when you write to any of the fvwm related mailing list:

They are maintained by Jason Tibbitts, and are Majordomo based mailing lists. To subscribe to a list, send “subscribe” in the body of a message to the appropriate *-request address.

To unsubscribe from the list, send “unsubscribe” in the body of a message to the appropriate *-request address.

Subscription requests sent to the list will be ignored! Please follow the above instructions for subscribing properly.

To report problems with any of the mailing lists, send mail to fvwm-owner@fvwm.org.

The mailing lists are archived: