Welcome to the FvwmWiki

This is the home of the FvwmWiki, a collection of user pages, tips, etc., focusing on Fvwm. Fvwm is a very flexible and configurable window manager.

If you are new, check out the New to Fvwm page and the Why use Fvwm pages.

About the Wiki

This wiki is a collection of pages describing configuration examples for Fvwm. The syntax examples are mostly written for the 2.6.x versions of Fvwm and it is suggest that you run the current release, https://github.com/fvwmorg/fvwm/releases

FvwmWiki is built from Markdown files using Jekyll. The source to build the wiki can be found at https://github.com/fvwmorg/fvwmorg.github.io.

A list of things left unfinished can be found on the /Todo list.

List of main pages

This wiki is divided into the following main collections of pages:

FvwmWiki Main Pages

These pages cover the different aspects of the Fvwm configuration file.

Here is a collection of different window Decors examples for Fvwm. They range from Vector decors using Fvwm built-ins to MultiPixmap Decors with the .png image files inlucded.

This is a collection of different recipes to get fvwm to achieve different effects. Some examples are a show desktop feature, give sticky windows their own decor, and many more.

These are a collection of tips to deal with various tasks.

Fvwm has various modules that can be used to create custom panels, docks, task managers, desktop switchers and more. These are a collection of pages describing the different modules in Fvwm.

Panels/Docks are a broad term for various control panels, launchers, information displays, etc that are usually always visible -- such as a taskbar or pager. Fvwm provides various modules to help build panels. This can also be mixed with third party software or even use a third party panel.

#fvwm on irc.libera.chat has been a gathering place for Fvwm users. Here is the channel FAQ and a few conversations that occurred on irc.