F? Virtual Window Manager

F? Virtual Window Manager

Fvwm is a virtual window manager for the X windows system. It was originally a feeble fork of TWM by Robert Nation in 1993 (fvwm history), and has evolved into the fantastic, fabulous, famous, flexible, and so on, window manager we have today.

Fvwm is ICCCM-compliant and highly configurable. Starting from the default configuration, Fvwm can be configured with both internal tools and third party software to customize most aspects of a desktop.

This site is an archive of documentation for Fvwm version 2.6.x, which is the current frozen release. For information about the development of Fvwm version 3, check out fvwmorg/fvwm3 on GitHub.

Need Help?

Looking for help configuring, using, or developing Fvwm, check out the following options:

Getting Fvwm

Configuring Fvwm

Fvwm starts from a minimal configuration and allows users to configure as much or little of their desktop as desired. Starting with Fvwm 2.6.7 a default configuration is provided to give users a starting point that can be edited instead of configuring from scratch.

When coupled with third party software and custom scripts, Fvwm becomes a powerful tool to build a full desktop environment from. If you want a preconfigured desktop environment using Fvwm, check out the following:

Built using Fvwm