An xterm based run dialog with tab completion

What if you want to do Tips/RxvtRunDialogue, but only have xterm available? All is not lost. Good old xterm does not have the --keysym option, but you can assign actions in a similar way using X resources.

Add the following to your ~/.Xresource file:

fvwm-run-dialog.VT100*translations: #override \n\
    <Key>Return: string(" &\n exit\n")

The ~/.fvwm/run-dialog looks more like this:


xterm +sb -name fvwm-run-dialog -title "run" -geometry 80x1+224+360 \  
-e bash --init-file $HOME/.fvwm/run-dialog.bash-init

This above script needs the following BASH initialization script ~/.fvwm/run-dialog.bash-init:

export PS1=""
export HISTCONTROL="ignorespace"

To bind the dialog to a key put for example the following lines in your FVWM configuration:

Style fvwm-run-dialog FPGrabFocus, FPReleaseFocus
Key R A 4 Exec exec $[FVWM_USERDIR]/run-dialog