Module Description

The FvwmButtons module provides a window of buttons which can be used to build different type of /Panels. The window is rectangular and can be split into different rectangular buttons of varying sizes. Each button can contain text, icons, and even Swallow other applications.

Buttons can be configured to change their text/icon/colorset when Active and preform different actions when clicked. Additionally with use of SendToModule, buttons can be changed by other aspects of Fvwm.

For a full list of FvwmButtons configuration options see the FvwmButtons manpage.


To configure FvwnButtons you need to first determine the layout of the buttons. Calculate out the over all size (width by height in pixels) of the

This includes figuring out the size of the window that will contain the buttons and the size of the smallest button. When configuring FvwmButtons, first draw the layout of the buttons. You will want to think about the shape of the buttons, and what sizes you are going to need for the buttons.

Active Buttons