Fonts are controled on an object by object basis in FVWM. You can set a different font for your title bars, menus, modules, etc. FVWM supports both X Logical Font Description (XLFD) and XFT font descriptions. In most cases you will want to use the XFT font descriptions (fvwm --version to check for XFT support). The following will set the DefaultFont used by FVWM and shows and example of the XFT font syntax.

DefaultFont "xft:Sans:Bold:size=8:antialias=True"

The Syntax is xft to tell Fvwm to use XFT fonts, the name of the font, followed by some options all separated by “:”. See the manpage for a more detailed description.

Fonts can be set for the title bar, menus, modules, and so on. Each of these items has its own configuration setting but will use the same syntax for the font string as in the above example.