preview Apr 15, 2011
Submitted by Christine (pebcak/saigo): Christine says:
fukation was inspired by retrofukation, which was inspired by the battle of wobachi xp theme. I like the colortheme and wanted to make it minimal and small.

preview Apr 15, 2011
Submitted by Christine (pebcak/saigo):
Christine says:
I wanted to do something different and yet minimal. It's my most wanted and commented config, and a lot of people later used the very simple window decorations. I kinda grew out of it. ;)
Wallpaper can be found here

preview Feb 17, 2005
Submitted by Thomas Adam.
This setup uses an old style - very similar to that of MWM and CDE. The window colors can be changed on-the-fly using a dynamic menu of defined colorsets, although the inactive colorset is always 'skyblue3'. The buttonsbar at the bottom is FvwmButtons which has swallowed xbuffy, rxvt, a "media panel" (to control mpc), xlassie, two instances of xloadtime, and FvwmPager. The whole this is panelised so that it is retractable. I also have a root menu which has acccess to some common programs I like to use. There are some keybindings to toggle features as well.
Further information can be found at the fvwmwiki.

preview Feb 17, 2005
Submitted by Pierre-Eric Marchandet. His personal fvwm screenshot page including configs can be found here.

preview Nov 09, 2004
Screenshot submitted by Chris Debenham. The shot shows translucent windows and menus, windows titlebar on side and icon which are little snapshots of the iconified window. Configs and further information can be found here.

preview Jun 27, 2004
A setup uses the Super_L for most FVWM-related operations. FvwmButtons in the bottom left corner and the icons appear/disappear when Super_L is pressed/released. Also, FvwmButtons is shown for a second or so when the mouse pointer hits a screen edge. Switching pages with EdgeScroll still works. All these tricks are possible with the new Schedule command. Finally, a window thumbnail used as its icon is produced when the window has had focus for some time, not when it is being iconified. This makes FVWM feel more responsive.

preview Mar 19, 2004
Screenshot submitted by Nuno Alexandre.

preview Jan 24, 2004
This shot shows the desktop of Tavis Ormandy.

Question to Tavis: The icons on the left side - are generated automatically - do they change if the window contents changes?
Tavis: They are generated automatically, the icons are little screenshots of the windows before they were iconified, pretty simple to do with the new WindowStyle command, but they look really cool :)

preview Jan 15, 2004
FVWM Chrome theme from Andrew Dolgov.

preview Oct 01, 2003

This screenshot shows FVWM 2.5.6 with ROX 2.0.1 and two gkrellms on the right. The icons are available at and the FVWM-theme is made by myself.

The good thing with ROX is, that you can have icons on your desktop without loosing your root-menu.