Note: In fvwm3, a new module FvwmPrompt exists that is a combination of FvwmCommand and FvwmConsole. Though due to golang dependencies, this new module is not in wide use yet. FvwmConsole and FvwmCommandS are currently still available until FvwmPrompt is more widely used.


FvwmCommand lets you monitor fvwm transaction and issue fvwm commands from a shell command line or scripts. FvwmCommand takes each argument as a fvwm command. Quotes can be used to send commands including spaces. FvwmCommand ‘FvwmPager 0 1’

Configuration and Use

The only configuration needed is to run the server FvwmCommandS from your config file. One such way is to do this when FVWM starts with:

AddToFunc StartFunction I Module FvwmCommandS

Once the server is running you can issue commands to fvwm from the command line in your terminals or from scripts. To do so just run

FvwmCommand "Command"