Desktop Screenshots

preview Aug 20, 2003
A third one by An Thi-Nguyen Le. Here's also a screenshot of a mockup of Gnutopia, a rather cheery BlackBox theme, with the large pager retracted (another thing I fooled around with. Actually, all the buttons retract, just for the heck of it). Cheery happy yellowy and all that.

preview Aug 20, 2003
By An Thi-Nguyen Le. I got really really procrast-- I mean, bored, and fooled around with FvwmTheme for a while. This particular scheme is borrowing heavily from the Enlightenment theme AbsoluteE (the blue version) and makes heavy use of the stretching pixmap feature of FvwmTheme. The background is Tigert's Blue Space, the GKrellM theme is something obscure called 3051.

preview Aug 18, 2003
Submitted by Uwe Pross - This screenshot shows FvwmButtons, FvwmTaskBar, a window context menu and a FvwmScript-applet which counts down a certain amount of time like kteapot. The window titlebar is kept simple. All color setting for x-, kde- and gtk-applications are done by fvwm.