Desktop Screenshots

preview Oct 01, 2003

This screenshot shows FVWM 2.5.6 with ROX 2.0.1 and two gkrellms on the right. The icons are available at and the FVWM-theme is made by myself.

The good thing with ROX is, that you can have icons on your desktop without loosing your root-menu.

preview Aug 28, 2003
Submitted by J.G.A. van Riswick. This is a screen shot of fvwm mimicking the cde environment. The setup features motif-style window decorations and shadow/hilight color calculations. The colors are calculated in a perl script, which also generates .xresources and .gtkrc files so that a consistent color scheme is used throughout all applications. In addition, given background pixmaps are colored in the same colors, who on turn are reflected in the colors of the buttons on the pager. To mimic the cde front panel (in the bottom) I used the gnome panel with some custom applets added. Left to be done to fully get the cde look are window decorations for icons. You can dowload CDEmu which includes config files and scripts here.

preview Aug 28, 2003
Redmond98 theme from fvwm-themes. A pretty close Windows 95 look and feel can be duplicated with fvwm.

preview Aug 28, 2003
Submitted by Thomas Adam.
Thomas says:
This screenshot shows FVWM running with a modified fvwm-themes (mostly stolen from 'default'). I have tried to emulate the look and feel of RH's "AnotherLevel", by changing the window colour, and centering the title of the windows.
The icons and the panel that you can see are a customised version of Rox-Filer that complements FVWM extremely well.

preview Aug 28, 2003
Submitted by Tenebrae. Here's my latest screenshot running FVWM 2.2.4 under RedHat Linux 6.2. I have a light marble GTK+ theme that I've extended manually onto my FVWM buttons, and a custom icon or two. I made the blue Vampire Princess Miyu background for the Eterm, and threw Vampire Princess Miyu skins that I found onto Licq and xmms. I also customized the title bars a bit with a textured background that fits in with the overall blueness of the Miyu stuff. Heres the @fvwm2rc@.

preview Aug 28, 2003
Submitted by Taviso. Taviso says: A Flat look, using vector buttons with solid color, loosely based on a fluxbox look with wallpaper from QNX. The icons are from the wm-icons package, and theres a transparent pager in the top left. Running fvwm-2.5.5 on Linux Alpha and x86. Taviso's submissions prompted some questions which he graciously answered:
Q: what is your file browser ?
A: its xftree, from the xfce project
Q: how do you change the look of this program ? (flat button bar style...)
A: its a gtk theme engine i use this one
Q: how do you change the style of your browser ? (nice scroller !)
A: thats the gtk theme engine again :) i just changed the prelighting to blue to match my fvwm theme :)

preview Aug 28, 2003
Submitted by Tomas Ögren, A pretty lean theme without any annoying thick borders. FvwmButtons, xmeter, xbuffy, gimp and some stuff on other pages.

preview Aug 28, 2003
Submitted by Shawn Anderson. After seeing An Thi-Nguyen Le's screenshots(they are very nice BTW), I thought I would send one also :-). It is fvwm 2.3.28.

preview Aug 28, 2003
Submitted by Robert Ford, shows gradients in menus and titlebars, FvwmWharf, FvwmTaskBar, FvwmPager with pixmap backgrounds, some nice icons and mini-icons, and an interesting purple/blue color scheme.

preview Aug 28, 2003
Submitted by Remko Troncon. Remko says: This screenshot shows a clean and simple desktop. On the top left is FvwmButtons which opens panels of apps I use frequently for a very short time (like IM's). On the top right, GKrellM is showing all the things I like to monitor. The bottom right corner contains FvwmPager. The background is generated by Xplanet. The fonts show the anti-aliasing support of FVWM. The icons in the menus are mostly taken from the wm-icons distribution.