Here are some other sites (besides the official one) that have FVWM info:

Prebuilt Configs and Resources

  • Janon’s Configuration This configuration is inspired to be educational (which it is!) as well as bare bones, allowing greater customisation for self-contained configurations.
  • FVWM Nightshade: This project aims to be a lightweight but feature rich and good looking configuration of FVWM. It contains many useful things to make work and life easier with a flavour of a modern desktop along with good documentation to configure your own desktop.
  • FVWM Crystal FVWM-Crystal aims to create an easy to use, eye-candy but also powerful desktop environment for Linux or other Unix-like operating systems. FVWM-Crystal is built using FVWM.
  • Suzanne Skinner’s FVWM site: Stylish screenshots (and config files) from the author of the MultiPixmap titlebar feature. Don’t miss her thoughtful and entertaining essay “My Quest for the Perfect Window Manager.” (The hobbit in us would like to subtitle it “There and Back Again”.)
  • FVWM Themes Home Page: FVWM Themes was a gui-driven theme engine for FVWM. FVWM Themes is no longer supported, but the site contains examples of different themes possible with FVWM.
  • Dorothy Robinson’s FVWM 2.6 Decors: An impressive collection of window decors showing off FVWM 2.6’s visual versatility. All the config files are downloadable.
  • The Window Manager Icons Project: An older xpm icon distribution to use with FVWM.


If you want to know why FVWM does some of the things it does (or if you just want to see if we’re really behaving properly!), you can peruse the online version of the ICCCM: