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ScanForWindow [FromPointer] dir1 dir2 [(conditions)] command

Performs command (typically Focus) on a window in the given direction which satisfies all conditions. Normally, the center of the currently focused window or the context window in which the command was invoked is taken as the starting point. Lacking such a window, or when the FromPointer option is given, the current position of the pointer is taken as the starting point. The direction dir1 may be one of "North", "NorthEast", "East", "SouthEast", "South", "SouthWest", "West", and "NorthWest". Which window ScanForWindow selects depends first on the position along the primary axis given by dir1. If any windows have the exact same coordinate along the primary axis, the secondary direction is used to order the windows. The direction dir2 may be one of the same set of values as dir1. If dir2 is not perfectly perpendicular to dir1, ScanForWindow returns a failure. When using ScanForWindow repeatedly with the same arguments, it is guaranteed that all windows matching the conditions will eventually be found. If the focus reaches a limit along the primary axis, it will wrap around to the opposite side. Returns -1 if an invalid direction was given. See Conditions section for a list of conditions.

fvwm 2.7.1 (from cvs)